Client Testimonials

Most of my business is generated through recommendations from satisfied clients or from Laser Centers  that are unable to treat specific hair/skin types.


Here are what some of my amazing clients have to say about their experience:

Not only are you are very professional, but a really special person who always makes me feel incredibly comfortable when I come to see you. I look forward to our chats!


I am so impressed with both Nicole’s level of expertise and her professional and positive outlook on life. My Electrolysis treatments were completely successful and i now enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows. Thanks, Nicole!

Previous to engaging Nicole’s electrolysis services I’d had laser treatments here in Vernon for hair removal from upper lip and chin. While laser worked well for removal of dark hairs, the white hairs were really resistant to laser therapy, requiring many repeat treatments which proved to be unsuccessful. Besides being very expensive per session I found laser treatments to be so painful to the point of being barely tolerable …..oh, the pain we’re willing to endure for the sake of beauty!! :)A friend suggested that I try Nicole’s electrolysis, telling me that electrolysis is a very effective permanent hair removal system regardless of hair color. She was so right!! White and dark hairs disappeared!! Besides being way more budget-friendly per session and requiring fewer sessions to achieve lovely hair-free skin, the discomfort level with Nicole’s treatments is much much less than with laser. I was (and still am) delighted with the results she achieved and I’d happily recommend her services to anyone!

Thank you for your wonderful service. Cheers!

“To rid myself of pesky hairs, I see Nicole, she really cares!”  I have been going to Nicole for a number of years. I feel confident that I can recommend her for your electrolysis needs.

“I was apprehensive about electrolysis as I was concerned about hair regrowth and the potential pain of the treatment. However, after meeting Nicole, hearing her explain the procedure, and then experiencing a little bit of it, I felt at ease. I am kicking myself that I did not go in years ago. No more lightening of facial hair, plucking or waxing. The short amount of time that I feel discomfort during the treatment is well worth the results.”

What would I look like without Nicole’s electrolysis service?

Do you recall the bushman……I think there could be a serious likeness!
Seriously, I have been having electrolysis for over 30 years. So, you might ask how possibly effective it could be if she has had to go for that long. I think much of it has to do with hormonal changes, but also my own inconsistency. We moved away and I could never find anyone who gave the same professional service that Nicole provides.  So, it’s resulted in Nicole or no-one. We have lived on the Island for almost 30 years now and whenever I come back to Vernon, I go to Nicole for a treatment. She is always accommodating, personable and professional.

Thanks Nicole for all of these years of such fantastic service! 


Very happy to recommend your services.

I felt you quickly but very carefully tried to minimize the appointment time & keep discomfort levels low.
I appreciated that you took the time to explain the process & what I could expect.
It was much less painful than I had imagined,  not to mention that I walked out without any obvious signs of having had the procedure.


I have been a client for a number of years. Nicole has demonstrated excellent work ethics combined with a friendly smile and we have shared some very interestings chats. All of  this makes for a positive experience for a necessary treatment.