About Me

FDA approved

After 19 years of providing this very specialized service, I am still very passionate about helping people to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted hair.  I studied at the Canadian Electrolysis College, under Ruth Struve and Madaleine Jones, who both were the driving force behind developing TAPEBC,  The Association of Professional Electrologists of British Columbia.  To obtain the Registered Electrologist designation, a provincially tested Written and Practical Exam are required.

Although there are numerous types of epilation, or hair removal services, available in today’s market, Electrolysis is still the only proven form of PERMANENT Hair Removal.  I believe in educating my clients on all forms of  hair removal, which allows them to make an educated decision. I communicate honestly and  factually with my clients so that they know they can trust in the professional, educated and experienced service they are receiving.tapebcfcea-logo